Welcome to the Online-Service of the Jobcenter Landkreis Ansbach

You can apply for Bürgergeld through the online form.
After your application you will receive a call within a few days from the Jobcenter for first consultation. You should have the following documents at hand in order to ensure for a smooth process of the conversation:


• proof of income and assets
• proof of social benefits
• proof of claims towards other people and places
• proof of cost of living/accommodation

Further information on the required documents can be found under the help button.


During the first phone consultation it will be clarified if you meet the eligibility requirements or if claims prior to Bürgergeld/citizen’s money excist. The necessary application forms will then be sent to you per regular mail. 


Please note the following:


Please fill out the form completely in German. The completed form then will be transmitted digitally and securely to the Jobcenter Landkreis Ansbach.


You can find our information on the processing of your data here (below Jobcenter)

Information of applicant

Please note that you can only apply for Bürgergeld together with your parents/ the parent you live with.


Please coordinate the application with your parents/ the parent you live with, as their income and assets will be checked as part of the application process.


If your parents/ the parent you live with agree to apply for Bürgergeld, the application should be submitted by one of the parents with whom you live.


Address and contact data

Please consider that interviews with the jobcenter are normally held in German. Please make sure that sufficient communication is possible (for instance through the support of friends / acquaintances).

Information on other members of the shared household - Partner
Information on other members of the shared household - Unmarried children aged between 15 and 25

1. unmarried child aged between 15 and 25 years